Meet our team

Meet our team

Mrs. Shongy Mahlo
Managing Director

Meet our team

Nomimi Nteyi

Meet our team

Duduzile Mdluli

  • Mrs Shongy Mahlo’s experience in the healthcare industry extend more than 25 years both nursing and managerial roles in rural and urban areas of South Africa, public and private hospitals, international as well as within the managed healthcare industry.

    Shongy is a Registered Nurse and Midwife. Her long-standing interest in the provision of appropriate quality healthcare to the South African citizens informed her decision to register and complete her B. Cur (Cum Laude) degree at University of Johannesburg majoring in Nursing Education, Community Nursing Science and Nursing Administration.

    Shongy later completed her Masters degree in Nursing Administration. The area of research was within the managed healthcare industry. The aim of the study was to explore the problems experienced by the various role-players within the managed healthcare context in Gauteng.

    Through the various management positions she held, she also gained experience in the management of healthcare standards and their related compliance measures. Working in a healthcare environment, especially as a manager, meant that one had to be au fait with national and international health standards and compliance therewith.

    She is resolute in her belief in high quality healthcare, and that the quality of care should be supported by world-class standards that are enforceable, assessed and continuously improved through evidence-based evaluations. Shongy also obtained certificates in Business writing (UCT), case management (CMASA) and Mental healthcare in a primary healthcare setting (Ann Latsky College).

  • Mrs Nomimi Nteyi has 30 years of healthcare experience which she gained through working in different healthcare sectors.
    She worked in different organisations as a registered nurse, places like Red Cross Children’s hospital, Jewish old-age home, primary healthcare environment and in a psychiatric institution as well as community clinics.

    She later joined the MRC (Medical Research Council) at UCT as a research registered nurse in the hypertension department and later joined Desmond Tutu HIV Research team as a research registered nurse where she was doing counseling, pre and post HIV testing, doing pap smears and taking bloods.

    In 2006 she joined the private sector, worked at Metropolitan Health as case manager doing Disease Risk Management, then later became a team leader.

    In the Disease Risk Management space she managed chronic conditions through vigorous health education on chronic diseases, healthy lifestyle, medication compliance, side effects of medication and managing member PMB care plans, as well as advising members on their medical aids option plan benefits. The objective was to obtain and maintain positive health outcomes, reduce absenteeism while improving productivity at the workplace.

    As a team leader, she was involved in management activities in operations and product office. Mrs Nteyi was always able to meet and exceed the clients’ SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) consistently per scheme rules and mandate, enhancing customers’ experience.

    This required all the experience she had to manage disease risk management staff in the provision of appropriate cost-effective quality care while managing the financial risk of the client. She maintained high standards in respect of proper care of members with chronic conditions to prevent frequent hospitalizations.

    Nomimi was also responsible for the wellness programme for different schemes at Metropolitan Health, where she was involved in the HRA, HCTs, as well as educating members about their benefits, healthy lifestyle and resolving of queries onsite.

    She obtained a diploma in general nursing and midwifery at Baragwanath Hospital. She is also a qualified psychiatric nurse, qualified at Sterkfontein College of nursing. She has a certificate in GCP, counseling and working with the disabled.

  • Miss Duduzile Mdluli’s experience spans over 20 years gained in both public and private healthcare industry. Her service delivery has been always that of outcome and deadline driven because of her passion in quality of care to be provided to the patients/clients.

    She has vast experience in customer service as she always engaged with her clients to understand their expectations and manage them, and ensuring that all deadlines are met while enhancing customers’ experience.

    She is an experienced as an occupational health nursing practitioner (OHNP), practiced within a team of healthcare professionals that included ergonomists, hygienists, safety officers, occupational medical practitioner (OMP) and employment assistance programme (EAP).

    Duduzile obtained her diploma in general nursing at Life Healthcare College, and Occupational health diploma in nursing at Occupational Care South Africa (OCSA).

    She holds a dispensing license which she obtained at Medunsa, which enhances the accessibility of the appropriate, cost-effective quality care to the public. Her experience includes dispensing of up to schedule 4 medication, audiometry, lung function test, vision and physical health risk assessment.

    Over her years of working experience she has been involved in occupational health programmes for Klinger Mzansi, Expat Rescue, OCSA, Scaw metal, Siyahamba Engineering, Maxam Dantax, HSP focusing mostly in employment wellness programme, HIV & AIDS disease management and Medical surveillance programme that involved executive medical, pre-employment medical, annual medical and exit medical.